About Us

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the lodging industry particularly hard, and many properties started renting rooms or spaces by-the-hour and flexible check-in time . Hourla offers a scheduling platform for properties to capture this opportunity.

The Founding Story

The founders had spent the last decade in revenue management, sales & marketing and technology companies and are frequent business travelers. Like most of the business travelers, after arriving at the destination and extremely tired, we wish to head to the hotel, check-in and collapse on the bed. But the check-in time is 3pm, meaning we have to wait several hours before getting our room! And surprisingly, the majority of business travelers shared the same frustration.

That’s why we decided to build a scheduling platform for properties. While we are trying to gather more feedback about the idea, we soon discovered limitless possibilities with the platform. We hope Hourla will be able to change how properties sell spaces or rooms and generate more revenue!

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