It’s a matter of time

Why not open the doors to your guest during the day? Harness your property limitless possibilities by allowing your guest to book a meeting room, suites or other amenities in your property.

  • Work in Peace and Quiet
  • Celebrating an Event?
  • Friends Gathering Work & Gym
  • Private Dining
  • To enjoy a day away
  • Rest during a layover
  • Meeting in Lounge
  • Afternoon Nap for baby
  • Private space for conference call
  • To enjoy the swimming pool
  • In-Room Spa
  • and more…
Feature-rich property scheduling solutions for your website and digital platform

The scheduling solutions will fully automate the direct online scheduling processes with potential users and property.

Easy to set up and manage

Installation and configuration of our scheduling solutions will take just a few steps. The intuitive design and documentation make everyone fully understand and leverage all the features right away.

Suitable for a variety of duration

A scheduling platform that is built for any spaces in your property. Your guest can check-in and check-out at any time on any day. Constantly evolving, our scheduling platform uses the latest technology to ensure that you can maximise revenue of your perishable spaces.

Comprehensive Rate Management

Easily create rules for all your rate plans and use derived rates for simplify and automated rate management.

Mobile First Technology

The scheduling solution has an adaptive design allowing for the perfect usability on your website or digital platform. The admin dashboard adapts to the mobile view too, so you can easily manage bookings on the go.

Key in Hole
Performance based model

The commission payment which is measured by the overall outcome of the service. This gives financial rewards for Hourla to help customers convert better.

Hourla Rooms & Rates
  • Advantages
  • Why Hourla?

  1. Booking Automation

    Our scheduling solution fully automates online bookings for your meeting room, suites or other amenities. You can give updates on the charges and changes 24/7.

  2. Flexibility on usage duration

    Common issue property owners face is the inability to fill up your spaces by specific duration and that dramatically affect the revenue. With Hourla, you can easily sell as many types of duration for your spaces as you want to.

  3. Diverse promotion tool

    Hourla promotion tools allow users to optimise their revenue and improve conversions. Set long-stay, early bird, last minutes or free hour promotions.

  4. Ability to diversity your services

    Common issue property owners face is the inability to sell your empty spaces or duration in between checked-in and checked-out time that dramatically revenue. With Hourla, you can easily add as many products for your services as you want to.

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Key Features

Buffer Spin

Set buffer times before check-in, prevent last minute bookings.

Magnifying Glass on Document
Check-in restrictions

Set Closed To Arrival (CTA) and Closed To Departure (CTD).

Magnifying Glass on Document with Dollar Sign
Tax Settings

Apply multiple types of taxes by amount or percentage.

Hourly Limits

Cap the availability by hour.

Rule set

Allow you to do special markup for a specific time or items.

Cancellation Policy

Set cancellation policy by rate plan & room type.

Limitless Possibilities

Hourly Hotels

Dive into a romantic and relaxed atmosphere in your hotel room for 2,3 or 6 hours.

9 to 5 hotels

Self-employed, freelancer and working online, a peace and quiet space to get works done.

Room on demand

Raining outside, send a few emails and some work to do. Rent a room for an hour.


Private events, family gatherings or birthday parties, leave the after event mess to the professional housekeeping team.

Nap pods

Need a power nap or place for afternoon nap for baby.

Meeting @ hotel

A brainstorming meeting, private meeting in a quiet space with a breathtaking view.

Eat & Rest

Unique dining experience in a private and exclusive setting.

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